Saturday, 27 June 2015

Turkish Food is Delicious

Yesterday, I was out with my friends enjoying what is the excitement of the Victoria Markets. We were all congregating around a table, eating our bratwurst (me) and börek (them). Both of these are insanely delicious by the way - as is gozleme, it must be the pastry! Just so you get a bit of context. Mmm, that pastry.

Anyway, there we were, lounging about when a swarm (okay there were two) of pigeons came out of nowhere and relieved themselves on my friend's head. It was quite amusing as you could imagine and she found it so too. But why is it considered good luck to have bird poo...somewhere?

Superstitions are a bit weird - here's some ones from around the world! And if you want to read about some guy's bird pooping incidents here. It's quite weird when you think of it how superstitions have become ingrained in our lives whether we believe them or not.

Here's a bratwurst

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