Thursday, 25 June 2015

That's Not How You Spell Berry is it?

In life you need mini victories. For me, I derive that pleasure from finding typos and binding errors in books. Is that wrong? Just earlier on my break I was reading a book about baking and noticed that they had spelt a certain word wrong. Some raspberyy anyone? It makes you feel that tiny bit superior (sorry) and that's occasionally what you need.

In researching (if you can call it that) for this post I came across another blog post detailing a similar thing. WE ARE THE SAME PERSON!!! At least I know I'm not alone in the world.I was also at an exhibition a few months ago where process folios were being displayed as well. On one page was an annotation that made absolutely no sense! Tiny victory there - maybe that there's some hope for my folio. (Hers was amazing by the way.)

This book is quite hilarious for all your typo needs. Have fun!

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