Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Down Town in Downton

I have a new revelation and that is Downton Abbey! I am a little slow, I know but we accidentally watched four episodes in a row in one night... is it just me or is Mary an exceedingly annoying character? Hopefully she gets better. Anyway, why I  mention this is because I realised that the Downton Abbey books that we stock at Andrew's finally interest me! I did make the mistake however, or not realising that there'd be spoilers so I feel a little as if I have shot myself in the foot. Never mind, I had guessed as much anyway. Not that the show is predictable, I can just guess what will happen in the following 15 minutes. So maybe a little predictable. I'm told it's because I read so much, so read at your own peril of movie enjoyment! But what I'm struck by is the complete dedication to the setting and period(ness) of the series. It's really stunning. It is a little infuriating that a man/woman who works - even in a perfectly respectable possessions such as doctor is seen as not respectable as they actually have to do work. I honestly don't know how people filled their time. And if they drunk so much tea then why do you never see them going to the toilet. I don't mean actually the toilet but no one ever says, I must excuse myself to relive myself do they?
OH! Also, I realised that the guy who plays Mr Pamuk in season one is ACTUALLY THEO JAMES of Divergent fame. He is extremely good looking (and I'm sure has a great personality). 

Everyone in Downton Abbey looks like someone else. It is really weird. Take for example, the character Gwen is actually EMMA STONE.She's not but seems so similar. Especially when she played Gwen Stacy. You know, this post is just going to be me finding doppelgangers so you're welcome.

And then Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham) and Victor Garber...

 Brendan Coyle (Bates) and Alec Baldwin... 

 Allan Leech (Branson) and.... Niall Horan. Don't pretend you can't see it.

I could go on all day apparently.

In other exciting TV news! If you follow Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries, well I won't give it away but what we've been waiting for has finally happened! This is good TV! (And not just for old people)

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