Thursday, 23 April 2015

This Has Nothing To Do With Books (Is That A Problem?)

Sometimes I wish to delve into the musical world even though it has no relevance to the literary stuff we usually talk about (or does it?)

Anyway, while we all celebrate the joy that is Chet Faker - I do love that he is from Melbourne, it's nice to remember where he took his namesake from!

And that is Chet Baker - a jazz trumpeter from mid last century! I first heard of him when I was younger and my mum used to play his CDs. Safe to say that I was very confused when i thought everyone was saying I love Chet Faker!' I thought it was a bit peculiar to find out that everyone liked him again. Turns out I was wrong and they meant Chet Faker (yes, like they were saying).

Meet  Chet Faker aka Nick Murphy (image from interview here)

And Chet Baker aka Chesney Henry Baker Jr

Chet is definitely a cool name. Anyway, it seems that even in music (actually especially music) comes around pretty often.  Listen and love!

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