Saturday, 4 April 2015

Oh, So That Was What It Was For!

Flicking through some of my maths studies, I realised that I will probably never use half of this stuff again. What hyperbole are for? Or how about how to calculate sin(x)=40? Nup, didn't think so. But then I was catching up on some Oliver Jeffers (of course) and realised he had snuck in the QUADRATIC FORMULA into one of his PICTURE BOOKS. FOR CHILDREN. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the quadratic formula, it is used to calculate the x intercept on a parabola graph (or something like that, I'm not great at maths...). But again, why is this kind of maths the illustration in a kids book? Maybe it's just starting them young...

As you can see in his book ONCE UPON AN ALPHABET, (even in red on a black and white background) is the formula! What a clever octopus - and owl, is all I can say. Just when I though that was all I would find, looking in the teen section, the covers for the GEEK GIRL series by Holly Smale also include pretty obscure maths terms like the Chain Rule (for finding derivatives (don't get me started)) and the quadratic formula. Again. Actually on each of the four books, there are different formulas so I  revise my first answer and include the rule for finding the measurement of a line and an actual quadratic equation. Quelle coincidence! 

Who thought we'd be talking about maths on a book blog? 

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