Saturday, 13 February 2016

Socks and Sandals Are Nice (or - Jasper Jones!!)

Some of you may remember the 2010 best selling book Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey that blew the critics away and was praised as an Australian To Kill a Mockingbird and if so, there has since been a play adapted! I first thought it was only in NSW but upon checking trusty old google, it is set to be part of the MTC 2016 season! I cannot wait although truthfully speaking I should probably read the book again as I think a whole lot of it went over my head the first time (I was fourteen okay).

I also wish that I could rock the socks and sandals. Broadsheet had so pretty good things to say so I guess we're all just holding out breaths for the premiere! (Tickets on sale in March!!) Let us know what you think!

See what Broadsheet had to say or the Timeout about its run in Sydney town or in AussieTheatre if you're interested in the more technical aspects or the Daily Review. Okay there are a lot of articles but honestly nothing compares to seeing live theatre in the flesh. Alright, one more

And this is kind of timely - but also not really because it's booked out (but hey, people could cancel) but the Wheeler Centre has a talk on adapting books for the screen which is vaguely relevant because JJ is also coming out as a film later this year with Hugo Weaving and Toni Collette. Is there any Australian film that does not feature Weaving as an offbeat if not flamboyant character? I don't think so. The Wheeler Centre actually has some really amazing talks of which I want to start going to more! And often they're free so what's not to love

If you deign to find out more about the film you could try IMDB, or the Sydney Morning Herald, Screen Australia or Inside Film. Alright that is enough of the links for this post I think. Enjoy!

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