Saturday, 27 February 2016

Harold Returns

Inevitably and invariably, there are a category of books that exist revolving around some of life's slightly funny, yet necessary truths. I am talking of toilet training and the 'Where Do I Come From?' -esque books that are a rite of passage for every human being. If you never experienced Harold the Giraffe (not quite sure if this is something that you can experience??) in your primary school education, then it's never too late to pick up one of these books! 
This is Harold by the way - where children go into a dimly lit van to learn about drug, alcohol and sex education. Memories. 

Anyway, these topics no matter how awkward they may seem or be to bring up with your offspring (hopefully not someone else's) shouldn't be avoided but celebrated in song! I mean books.

This is my favourite book on potty training. ON MY POTTY by Leslie Patricelli is the internal struggle of a toddler deciding whether or not he should use his potty is riveting stuff. The resolution will make you sigh a sigh of relief as he finally fulfills his destiny.

Then how could we go past the classic WHERE DID I COME FROM and the latter WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME. With the pictures that you aren';t sure if you're cartoons or realistic, the frank wording and a bit of wink wink humour. The 1970s was and still is a great time fro books on bodily education. I think?

This is a lot milder in its content -  HAIR IN FUNNY PLACES by Babette Cole is another funny look into the human body that aims to break up the awkwardness with lovely watercolours. And by personifying hormones into a mean sort of couple. Kind of like Mr and Mrs Twit but no really.


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