Saturday, 19 September 2015

Where's My Happy Ending?

If you're wondering why a prince/or princess hasn't swept you off your feet yet it may be time to read a different novel or watch another sort of film. Not to say that happy/yay/romance things never happen but it's been interesting to see a resurgence of books for younger girls that focus on different qualities and adventure! My two favourite picks are, of course Dragon Keeper by Carole Wilkinson but otherwise newer releases: 

THE ANTI PRINCESS CLUB by Samantha Turnbull

Finally! An engaging fiction series for girls that shows them there is more to life than wearing a tiara.’ – Mia Freedman
The Anti-Princess Club is a four-book series for kids (recommended age group 7-10).
The series follows the lives of 10-year-old best friends: Emily Martin, Bella Singh, Grace Bennett and Chloe Karalis.
The girls thumb their noses at helpless fairytale princesses who wait all their lives to be rescued by a prince.
Sick of being treated like damsels in distress, the girls form The Anti-Princess Club with the motto: ‘we don’t need rescuing.’

Check out the website here

and THE RAVENOUS GOWN by Steffani Raff

In a day when princesses have been boiled down to beautiful ball gowns comes a new kind of fairy tale.

Fall under the spell of a “Once upon a time…” where beauty is bigger than a reflection, where wisdom makes girls extraordinary, and where curses are broken through the strength and character of unlikely heroines.

A magnificent collection of short stories written in fairy tale prose The Ravenous Gown captures the essence of a stronger, smarter princess—the kind that actually lives happily ever after.


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