Saturday, 26 September 2015

Heide, and We Don't Just Mean by Johanna Spryi's novel Heidi (just fyi)

It's amazing to think that so close to Ivanhoe - in Bulleen Templestowe in fact, lying nestled between a gas station and a random road (I feel like a small casino) is one of the loveliest art galleries in Melbourne - Heide. It's simply beautiful and you know that feeling when you're driving around the country and you stumble upon a  small independent gallery that has amazing views of the surround? Yeah, well that's Heide but you'd never expect it tucked away in suburbia. 

Comprising of three buildings (Heide I, II and III (so original but they were probably putting their creative energies elsewhere)), each has a distinct style and almost seems to reflect the art inside. One of them (I think II) looks decidedly 70's but it's a bonus not a weakness if anything. The gardens as well, goodness gracious are something to behold as well! I had a picnic there a few years ago for a fathers' day celebration and it was simply sublime and divine. Don't worry this isn't some kind of conspicuous advertising I think it's just good to appreciate what you have! The collection is most often of Australian artists such as the vibrant Emily Floyd.

Read an article about its architecture here 

Actually, Heide began as the family home for John and Sunday Reed (yes their FAMILY HOME!) in 1934 and was a place for living and creation. Sunday is such a great name. But anyway, a lot has been said about their lives and the impact that they made on the face of Australian art. Most recently released 'Modern Love - the Lives of John and Sunday Reed' has been released in conjunction with the gallery and the State Library of Victoria. 

 It's a beautiful and at times sad insight into their lives. It is definitely on my list to read! That list grows longer everyday. 

If you're interested in finding out more about Heide then look no further (here)

Enjoy the spring weather! 

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