Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Big (and yes it is quite large) Design Market

This week a colleague and I had the chance to go to the Big Design Market, held in the stunning Exhibition Building, It's on now until 5pm Sunday i.e. today! Check out the website here

First things first: WORKSHOPS!! They are free and awesome but super competitive in terms of signing up because there are usually only around twelve places. Twelve places!! That's right people. So basically if you are interested, then you have to register your name at the Workshop booth. It actually opens exactly two hours before the event but I'd highly recommend being their waiting before that time as people sit waiting for registration to open up to half an hour before! It is a little tense because everyone is sitting there ready to go, ready to race up the desk. But they are pretty worth it! Whether you may care, I will share what we managed to get!

1. Tasting/talk with LuxBite creator and chef Bernard Chu
It was a really interesting session where he showed us how to make the fabulous dessert 'Be My Love'. It was extremely delicious and we even got to try putting on the finishing touches on a variation of the dessert with macrons, fresh and freeze dried raspberries! Yum! But of course we couldn't really make the whole thing because no one really has that kind of dexterity. 

Obviously ours didn't look like this but it was pretty darn delicious anyway! It was quite interesting having such a close group chat with him and realising the work that goes into just one single cake. We also received a recipe which is available in the glorious book 'Flavours of Urban Melbourne' of which I am a little in love with. 

Anyway, workshop number two was less of a workshop and more of a pampering session where we had our nails painted by Trophy Wife using Kester Black nail polish which is apparently vegan. It was really lovely - especially as I rarely paint my nails myself. And as we don't forget we're in a bookshop we sell cool nail art books too. Yay. Go check it out!