Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tennis Time!

It's an exciting week of sport in Melbourne with the Australian Open already in full swing! The weather is somewhat milder than in previous years and some big upsets already is going to liven up the finals when they roll around next week! I really do want to go for a day but it is as equally addicting to watch game after game on TV... Check out the schedule of play here

Who's your favourite player?  

Well, funny we're talking about tennis because we also have tennis books! One of my favourites is the Roger Federer Infographic book is pretty awesome. 

As is the Margaret Court Autobiography. She is phenomenal! She won 64 major grand slam titles of which 24 were individual singles titles. Will Serena surpass her that is another question. This one only came out last year so plenty of life left in it still! Much like Ms Court herself

And of course because we love Federer, another one about him (but a little newer this time) FEDERER AND ME by William Skidelsky. A poignant look into a fan's obsession with the tennis great.  


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