Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Science of Customer Queries

We love helping customers with their requests but there are some ways that you can help us help you! 

There are two types of customer requests (it is very scientific I know): the first is if they can't find a particular title that they have in mind and the second is if they need a recommendation. Within these two categories there are a myriad of different scenarios that can occur.

1. Not being able to locate a specific title
-  Having the exact title is a great start (and or author)
- I am always very impressed when customers bring the catalogue with circled items to check off!
- If you can't remember the specific title, perhaps try to remember who the author was, the front cover, the plot line or where you heard it being discussed (sometimes we get very vague requests and although we try our best it can sometimes be nearly impossible to find!)  or a mix of these features are always helpful too 

2. Seeking Recommendations  
- I do love to do this and my self proclaimed specialty is the young adult section stretching to kids and picture books (maybe because I can't stop reading them no matter how old I get) 
- Often I ask (for a child) how old they are, their reading level such as average or above, books they may have read before and liked which also help gauge what they may like, if they don't read then perhaps what hobbies they might have outside of reading 
- If you don't have any clue about what they would like (that's okay too) then let us, and by us I mean me what sort of book you'd like to give them. What do I mean by that? Well, something light and funny or perhaps something about growing up. It helps us to narrow down the possible choices! 

We haven't read every book in the shop - although we wish we had! - but we are often familiar with what's popular and the prize winners so rest assured that we'll do our best to find that something special! Not to mention rave about our personal favourites that always get a shout out! We love to help you so see you soon!


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