Saturday, 21 May 2016

When Tim Winton Comes Alive!

The other night (16th of May to be exact), Australian Story on ABC featured former NSW Supreme Court Judge George Palmer. A distinguished judge in his own right, but made even more so as a - okay not really as a judge but as a cool human being - by adapting Tim Winton's classic novel Cloudstreet into an opera. So many hyperlinks. Hyperlinks everywhere.
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Cloudstreet is not a stranger to adaptation. In 2011 it aired as a tele-drama to great acclaim. But it's an interesting story! A closet composer I suppose who went on for five years working on his baby. It's pretty incredible when you think about it. How do people write entire scores/lyrics/scripts?! The mind boggles. I believe it's currently showing in not Victoria but when it does I am definitely keen to see it. But then, there are so many shows to see...
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'On one level it represents an alarming mismatch with this quintessentially Australian story. Palmer’s music is worlds apart from that of Iain Grandage in his opera The Riders, also based on a Winton novel. That score was strikingly eclectic and contemporary. But Palmer succeeds in providing a musical vehicle for the story and not trying to compete with it. His score is nimble, harmonically inventive and enjoyably melodic.'

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'The glowing reviews come as a relief to Tim Sexton, CEO of the State Opera of South Australia and musical director of Cloudstreet, whose decision to green-light the project was a million-dollar gamble.
"Of all the things I've worked on over the last 38 years, this is the one that I believe has the greatest legs to go on and become something truly fabulous," he said.
Director Gale Edwards, a veteran of Broadway and West End theatre — and a creator of hit musical The Boy from Oz — also thinks Cloudstreet could work in London or New York.'

Tim Winton has been enthralling Australian readers for many years ins tories about ourselves. Pick up one of his books here! Some titles include:
- Breath
- Blueback
- Eyrie

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