Saturday, 12 March 2016

Take your Tablets!

Finally, after a year in the works, we now have a fully functioning tablet in store to help make connecting with Andrew's Bookshop as easy as possible! 

On it you'll be able to view and like (of course) our Facebook Page as well as sign up to our book club loyalty program. By making this change we hope to reduce our paper use - which is naturally quite a challenge given that we sell paper and what not. The loyalty program is an excellent way for us to say thank you for supporting local businesses. We've all faced the dilemma of deciding whether we should buy from a bricks and mortar shop or online or chain for less. Not to toot our own horn but I guess one thing we have up on online bookshops is our ability to provide service, to help you find that perfect book when you have absolutely no idea what you're looking for or all you know about the book is that the title contains onomatopoeia...

Here is Exhibit A of our new newfangled technology! Who says that bookshops are outdated?? Oh and we also sell the Monthly! But do not have Nick Xenophon working with us... 

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