Saturday, 7 November 2015

Forget Tiffany's and Harry Winston's - Chronicle and Taschen!

You know you're a bit of a book geek when you have favourite publishers. That';s right, publishers - not authors. It's just that some of them are so darn pretty that it's impossible not to love them. 

Now the reason why I love them is probably because they publish the most amazing art and design books so what's not to love? So if you're looking for sport books I can't really help you there. Here is my list of top four publishers.

1. Lawrence King
I swear I'm not just skimming through my own library but I recently discovered that I a lot of my favourite literary gems were by Lawrence King. Including the 'This is___' series that I've previously mentioned but I won't again because it probably seems like I work for them. Anyway, I actually don't really have anything to say on these houses you basically just have to search them up and I dare you to not find anything you like.
This is Graphic Design Visionaries and as you'd expect, about graphic design visionaries. Lovely! And interesting of course

2. Chronicle Books
Chronicle for me always seems more technical - although I feel like this is probably slightly unfounded and just a general statement. Anyway! If the two publishing houses below are written in cursive script then Chronicle is stamped rough and ready, by no means less aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy just how specific books can get. Take for example 'Editorial Design' that looks at how layouts are designed and how they've had to change over the development of the internet. Riveting I know but this actually holds a fun place in my personal library...

3. Taschen
A German based company, they are responsible for a lot of the massive coffee table bad boys you see around our shelves- especially in the art section (of course).  These guys are the real (and literal heavy weights) proving that you can have brains and beauty all in one. Sigh. 

4. Phaidon
Phaidon is also excellent for cookbooks! I believe last weeks post were Phaidon books as well just proving that they are everywhere. They have some lovely design ones too of course. Also beginning in Europe - Vienna to be precise, these nations must have something in their water that forces them to turn out such beautiful books

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